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What DJI Don't Tell You about DJI Mini 2

What DJI Don't Tell You about DJI Mini 2 is my part II review where I share 11 things I don't like about the DJI Mini 2 as a counterbalance to the video I just released about 21 things I really liked about the DJI Mini 2 (link below)

Let me know if you agree or disagree in the comments to the video, thanks

DJI Mini 2 Review after 3 weeks (part I)

Watch this video before you buy, as this video will answer your top question "should I buy DJI Mini 2?"

Pick up your DJI Mini 2 if you are in:

If you have decided to get your own, you can use the link above to support my channel. You will pay the same price, but it would mean a lot to me so I can be able to keep up with new content on the channel to the benefit of you guys :-)

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