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Smart Controller is still "Dangerous" with DJI Air 2S

DJI Air 2S with Smart Controller is still dangerous after factory reset as the video feed is still lagging even with DJI Fly App 1.4.2.

It's been suggested by another YouTuber that a DJI Smart Controller factory reset and clearing out cache would fix the problem permanently, but it does not fix the problem and people that claim otherwise are either naive or fanboys sucking up to DJI.

This problem is very real for some and minor for others, but the fact is this is an old device that is struggling to keep up. It's fine if you don’t care, and it's fine if you can “fix” bad performance temporarily with a clean-up, but if you have not bought it yet, you are buying a $800 lottery ticket in regards to performance.

I did a factory reset in this video as well as cleaning out the device and it did not help. You can read the comments from other users seeing the same issue

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