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DJI Mini 2 Hand Landing and Launching

DJI Mini 2 Hand Landing and Launching is a skill that is very useful if you are in a location where the ground is not ideal for takeoff or landing. DJI Mini 2 Hand Lunch is easier than you think and I will show you how it's done.

I'm Sean Ozz and have temporarily high-jacked Henrik's channel, while he is rehabilitating from surgery. I'm doing a lot of tech-related reviews around drones, action, and 360 cameras in the beautiful landscape of Dillon, Colorado, so if you are into this feel free to check out my channel:

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31 dic 2020

Hi, hope you are on the mend,, yes a full review on the SONY ZV-1 would be appreciated, as are all your reviews, keep up the good work,

Me gusta
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