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DJI Air 3 Obstacle Avoidance Test: Crash or Conquer?

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Welcome to our obstacle avoidance test featuring the DJI Air 3! With its full 360-degree obstacle avoidance capabilities, we decided it was time to put this drone to the ultimate challenge. We've found a thrilling route with plenty of trees and obstacles that the drone will have to navigate through. Additionally, we're excited to test its performance in challenging light conditions.

So, let's get started and see how well the DJI Air 3 fares in this obstacle course.

Testing from Behind

We begin by setting up the drone to track me from behind. The recording starts, and I venture into the obstacle-filled path, eager to witness the drone's performance. However, we quickly decided to change the plan and switch to the telephoto lens, providing a closer perspective to the action.

The drone does a fantastic job of detecting obstacles and maintaining a safe distance. Even though it seems far away from me, it impressively manages to navigate through the challenging terrain and ever-changing light conditions. I must admit; that I'm becoming more confident in its abilities.

Testing from Front

Now, let's challenge the drone further by placing it in front of me. As we move forward, the drone dives underneath obstacles and continues to impress with its ability to find its way through tight spots. It's like having a trusty companion navigating the way for me.

Try on a Challenging Path

Now comes the real test - a tighter, more challenging path lies ahead. As the drone moves forward, it appears to be calculating its way through the obstacles cautiously. There's a moment of uncertainty, but it keeps trying different paths until it finally figures out the best route. Success! The DJI Air 3 continues to surprise me with its adaptability and problem-solving skills.

Close Camera Limit Testing

Let's take things up a notch by switching to a closer camera angle and testing its limits. The drone faces a one-way path this time and seems to be struggling a bit. As a cautious flyer myself, I'm a little unsure about this particular maneuver, but I'm confident that the drone will handle it safely. Nevertheless, we decided to bring it back to avoid any mishaps.

Throughout the test

The DJI Air 3 consistently shows its resilience and advanced obstacle avoidance technology. It does an excellent job of tackling tough conditions, and I'm relieved that it didn't crash at any point. Flying a drone in such challenging environments is no easy feat, and the DJI Air 3 proved itself worthy.

If you're curious about other capabilities of the DJI Air 3 and you are interested in a detailed Review, we've compiled a playlist that you can check out DJI Air 3 Obstacle Avoidance Test. Feel free to like the video if you enjoyed it; if not, you can use the dislike button twice for added emphasis (just kidding!). Happy flying and exploring with your drones!

Thank you for reading and watching our drone obstacle avoidance test. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures and reviews.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions or suggestions for future tests. Safe flying!

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