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Did DJI FIX Dangerous Mini 3 Pro App Crash?

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

The DJI Mini 3 Pro has been a popular choice among drone enthusiasts for its compact size and impressive features. Users have complained about app crashes, which made them worried about safety. In response, DJI has launched a new firmware update along with the Fly App 1.6.934.

Let’s delve into the details to see if these updates have effectively addressed the issue.

The Problem: DJI Mini 3 Pro App Crashes

The DJI Fly App is a mobile app that people use to control DJI drones. Unfortunately, there have been a lot of complaints about the app crashing, especially after the latest update. This problem usually happens around three seconds after you open the camera view.

There could be many reasons for the DJI app crashing. Some common reasons include not having enough storage on your device, using an outdated app, compatibility problems, not having a powerful enough device, interference from other apps, issues with the drone's software, and problems with GPS or location services.

People have tried different ways to fix this problem. Some people tried going back to an older version of the app so they could keep using their drone. Others attempted to fix it by uninstalling and then reinstalling the DJI Fly app, deleting temporary files, and restarting their smartphones. However, these solutions didn't work for everyone.

DJI suggested that users should download the app directly from their website because of changes in how the DJI App works with the Google Play Store. But, some people said this didn't solve the problem.

The Solution: DJI’s New Firmware & Fly App 1.6.9

Firmware is a special kind of software that manages, observes, and controls how things are working in devices and systems. In this situation, we're talking about the firmware used in DJI's Remote Controller (RC), which is what people use to control their drones.

The DJI Fly app is a mobile app that works with DJI's drones. It's like a control panel that lets you control the drone and keep an eye on what's happening with it.

The update we're talking about here is a combination of changes that are meant to make things better for users. It's supposed to fix problems like the DJI Fly app crashing or the screen going black when you've been flying for a while or in hot weather. This update stops those issues from happening, making the drone work more smoothly.

Always remember, it's a good idea to keep your devices up to date with the latest firmware and app versions. This way, you can be sure your drone works its best and gives you a great experience.

Installation Process

The installation process for the new firmware and app is straightforward. Users are advised to check for updates on their DJI RC and perform the update directly. However, some users reported that they did not receive any notification for the 1.6.9 update on their DJI RC.

User Feedback on the Update

Initial user feedback on the update has been mixed. Some users reported that they were still experiencing issues with obstacle avoidance when shooting at frame rates above 30 fps. Others noted that while the Android version of the Fly app received the 1.6.9 update, there was no update for the RC yet.


While DJI has taken steps to address the app crash issue with their Mini 3 Pro drone, it appears that some issues may still persist. Users are advised to keep their devices updated with the latest firmware and app versions for optimal performance and safety.

Remember, safe flying is happy flying!

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