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Autel Nano Plus - Has the Issue Been Fixed?

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Drone enthusiasts and professionals alike have been keeping a close watch on the developments within the drone market, eagerly awaiting solutions to some persistent issues that have affected the overall flying experience.

One of the players at the forefront of innovation, Autel Robotics, has made waves with its Nano Plus drone. However, several users reported concerns regarding the drone's maximum speed, wind resistance, and the notorious "jello effect." In an exciting turn of events, Autel has rolled out Firmware Update 1.1.14, addressing these issues head-on.

In this article, we'll take a comprehensive look at whether Autel has indeed fixed the max speed, wind resistance, and jello issues with the Nano Plus, and delve into the implications of this highly anticipated update.

Autel Nano Plus - Issue Been Fixed?

The Historical Hurdles: Max Speed, Wind Resistance, and Jello Effect

The Autel Nano Plus debuted with much fanfare, boasting impressive features and capabilities. However, the initial enthusiasm was met with some roadblocks that proved to be a setback for both casual users and professionals seeking reliable drone performance.

Max Speed:

Users reported that the Nano Plus fell short in terms of maximum speed. While it offered steady and controlled flights, it lacked the burst of speed needed for dynamic shots and covering larger distances efficiently.

Wind Resistance:

The Nano Plus struggled to maintain stability in windy conditions, leading to wobbly flights and less-than-ideal footage. This was a significant concern for those who wanted to capture high-quality content even in challenging weather.

Jello Effect:

The jello effect, characterized by a noticeable wobble or distortion in footage, often caused by vibrations in the drone, plagued the Nano Plus. This issue was particularly frustrating for content creators who required smooth, professional-looking videos.

The Firmware Update 1.1.14: A Game-Changer

Autel Robotics has demonstrated its commitment to addressing user feedback and improving its products through regular firmware updates. The release of Firmware Update 1.1.14 marks a turning point for Nano Plus users. This update, touted as a significant enhancement, promises to tackle the very issues that have hindered the drone's performance.

Max Speed Improvement:

Autel claims that the firmware update has unlocked the Nano Plus's true potential by enhancing its maximum speed. Users can now expect a more exhilarating flying experience with the ability to capture fast-paced shots that were previously challenging to achieve.

Enhanced Wind Resistance:

With Firmware Update 1.1.14, Autel aims to provide a solution to the wind resistance problem. The update includes adjustments to the drone's flight algorithms, optimizing its stability in varying wind conditions. This improvement is poised to make the Nano Plus a reliable companion for aerial photography and videography, even when nature throws a gusty challenge.

Jello Issue Mitigation:

The jello effect has been a thorn in the side of Nano Plus users seeking professional-grade footage. This firmware update introduces vibration-dampening enhancements and fine-tuning of the drone's stabilization mechanisms. The goal is to drastically reduce or eliminate the jello effect, allowing users to capture buttery-smooth videos without any distracting distortions.

App Compatibility and Future Developments

To fully harness the benefits of Firmware Update 1.1.14, users are required to update their Autel Sky App to version 1.1.6. Android users have been fortunate to receive the update promptly, while iOS users are eagerly awaiting its release, which is expected in the near future. This compatibility ensures that users can seamlessly integrate the new features and improvements into their drone operations.

Autel's commitment to resolving these issues serves as a testament to its dedication to customer satisfaction and product excellence. The willingness to listen to user feedback and implement substantial changes demonstrates a forward-looking approach that is likely to bolster the company's reputation within the drone community.


The Autel Nano Plus has undoubtedly rekindled excitement in the drone market, and the recent Firmware Update 1.1.14 has fueled the anticipation even further. The addressed issues of max speed, wind resistance, and the jello effect are critical aspects that determine a drone's utility and value, especially for professionals relying on seamless aerial footage.

While the update has shown significant promise, users, especially iOS users, are waiting to see how the drone performs in real-world scenarios after the update. If the claims hold true, Autel may have successfully positioned the Nano Plus as a versatile and reliable tool for a wide range of applications, reaffirming its position as a noteworthy competitor in the drone industry's ever-evolving landscape.

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