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Learn to Drone Like a Pro

Welcome Drone Pilot

Do you lack confidence in operating your drone? With my tutorials on YouTube, an active community of passionate drone hobbyists, and an engaging online course with flight exercises, I assure you that you will experience a guaranteed improvement in your skills and, sooner than you know Drone Like a Pro

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Henrik Olsen, YouTuber  & 1st Drone Academy Founder

Henrik Olsen, DronePilot

& 1st Drone Academy Founder

My Services

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This course will teach you the essential elements of planning, preparing, and executing successful drone operation 

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Tips, Test and Tutorials to help you get the most out your purchase

1st drone academy


Hang out with me and helpful, friendly like-minded drone hobbyists

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For business inquiries, sponsored content, video/photo requests

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Henrik Olsen

Behind the scenes

I'm Henrik Olsen

I'm an experienced drone pilot dedicated to creating educational tutorials about drones on YouTube. With my comprehensive drone academy and courses, I'm here to assist you in enhancing your skills to a professional level, enabling you to fly confidently in public settings.

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