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I'm Henrik Olsen 

With over 30 years of experience in the IT and Medical Device industries, I am a valuable asset in any organization, acting as a bridge between management, customers, and technical teams. I have a strong understanding of complex technical issues and solid experience in software and hardware projects.


International communication is a natural part of my daily work. I have successfully selected, led, and motivated Danish and International teams of experts to deliver innovative solutions for clients such as HP, Intel, Apple, and Flextronics. 


I have a strong international influence in the drone community on YouTube, with more than 87.000 subscribers who follow my English drone channel with more than 13.000.000 views and more than 1.000 videos released. I am skilled in video planning, production, editing, and media strategy to grow my footprint on social media.


  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok
  • Instagram


Development Competencies 

  • Project Management

  • Senior Project Management

  • Scrum 

  • Scrumban 

  • International Project Management

  • Agile Application Development

  • Agile Project Management

  • Product Management 

  • Product Development


SoMe / Youtube / Facebook / TikTok 

  • Channel Management 

  • Channel Audits 

  • Video Production

  • Video Planning

  • Content Strategy

  • YouTube Content 

  • YouTube Strategy 

  • TikTok Content 

  • Facebook Groups

  • Final Cut Pro (Non-Linear Video Editing)

  • WIX webpages 



  • Danish (fluent, native)

  • English (fluent)

  • German (good) 



  • 1991-1996: B.Sc., Power Electronics, Engineering, University of Southern Denmark (Grade: A/13)

  • 1987-1991: Electrician Apprentice på De Danske Sukkerfabrikker (Nordic Sucker)

  • 1986-1987: EFG Jern/Metal (Pre-school for Electrician Apprentices)


Social Status

  • Married + 2 children and lives in Fredensborg, Denmark

  • Passionate about technology, like drones, cameras, wheels 

  • A sweet spot for vintage cars - I own a 1970 Corvette Stingray 

  • I value cooking great food, hanging out with friends, and family 


YouTube (Jan 2016 - Current)

I’m curious about technology like drones, cameras, and computers, and I love sharing my board knowledge weekly through updates while building strong SoMe skills.  


Channel Manager, Content Creator & YouTube Partner 

  • Drones & Camera Youtube Channel - 

  • Youtube Organic Growth 87.000 subscribers with 13.000.000 views 

  • Youtube Milestone Reached: +1.000.000 views on a single video

  • Youtube Milestone Reached: Joined Youtube Partner Program

  • (fact: less than 0.001% will get more than 10.000 subscribers)

  • Danish Drone Content on Tiktok (+9400 followers, 85.000 likes)

  • Created Danish Drone Facebook Community - DJI Droner (+8.700 members)

  • Active Twitter Profiles (+2.900 followers) - 

  • Strategy: How to Plan, Produce, and Market SoMe content for views & engagement

  • Solo Video Production skills (Non-Linear Editing, Final Cut Pro, +1.200 videos)

  • Comfortable presenting on camera in both English / Danish (with a twist of humor)

TRACKMAN A/S (Oct 2011 - Current)

I love golf - This made me pursue the opportunity to work for one of the most respected tech brands in the golf industry, TrackMan, as a Project Manager implementing, transforming, and scaling teams with agile scrum processes working against release deadlines. 


Product Manager - Kiosk Screens TrackMan Range (Dec 2021 - Current)


  • TrackMan Range Kiosk (+3.000 screens installed 2022) -

  • Project Manager for Kiosk Solution + Infrastructure (Android OS)

  • Manage ongoing development & product improvement (external vendor)

  • Project Manager for Backend Server Team (C#) 

  • Project Manager for Tracking Algorithm Team (Python)

  • Released monitoring of critical parameters (Prometheus/Grafana)

  • Released application management system for remote app deployment (Xamarin)

  • Scrum Master / Agile Development Process (Azure DevOps)


Senior Project Manager TrackMan Range (April 2017 - Dec 2021)


  • 360 Product Manager for TrackMan Range -

  • TrackMan Range (+300 installations / Million of golf shots tracked yearly)

  • Implemented Scrum / Agile Development Process (Azure DevOps)

  • Running multiple Scrum Teams against shared delivery  

  • Scrum Master training with events, refinement, dailies, and sprint planning, demo

  • Project Manager for TrackMan Range App (Xamarin)

  • Released 1. Gen Range App for iOS (external company)

  • Released 2. Gen TrackMan Range App for iOS/Android (Xamarin)

  • Project Manager for Tracking Algorithm Team (Python)

  • Project Manager for Backend Server Team (C#)

  • Released: backend admin interface for setup, maintenance, and system config

  • Project Manager for Unity Virtual Golf Range (Unity/Xamarin)

  • Released Virtual Golf Range 2.5D for thin clients (iOS/Android/Unity/Docker)


Product Manager TrackMan Coaching Products (Oct 2013 - April 2017)


  • Product Owner and Product Manager for Coaching + TOUR Player products 

  • UI/UX wireframe work for conceptualizing new features (Balsamiq)

  • Manage TrackMan Golf Radar Software - 

  • Managed TrackMan Performance Studio (Windows/C#) 

  • Released TrackMan Event Software for Tournaments 

  • Released TrackMan Camera App for Tournaments 

  • Released TrackMan Classic (native iOS) for Coaches and Tour Players

  • Released TrackMan GO: Cross-platform teaching app for tablets (Xamarin)


Head of TrackMan Marketing (Oct 2011 – Oct 2013)


  • Head of the Marketing team, we managed:

    • Video production - (external vendor)

    • Print material, brochures, banners, posters, business cards

    • Service and support material for the global sales force

    • Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube content production

    • Online promotions through the web, email, and press releases

    • Statistics for online activities to measure progress


  • Strategic development

    • Communications plans (target customers, target messages)

    • Web & product roadmaps - continuous platform development

    • Social media strategy - (the right channel for the right audience)



Cooling House Co. Ltd (Dec 2010 – Sep 2011)  

Consultant for a Taiwanese-based company focused on cooling solutions based on my experience with Noise Limit ApS.


Business Development EMEA

  • Consultant for a Taiwanese-based company focused on cooling solutions

  • Hedge the market for their products, primarily in Europe.

  • Created and released company website:    

Noise Limit ApS (Aug 2003 – Dec 2010)

Noise Limit, co-founding a computer cooling company with silence in focus through patented technology that makes it possible to liquid cooling computers without moving parts


CTO - Technical Director / Co-founder

  • CTO with international responsibility for technology, conceptual development, and technical sales to Tier 1 in the IT and power electronics industry.

  • Made prototypes for the most prominent IT hardware companies, including Apple, HP, and Flextronics.

  • Three International patents protected our Bubble Pump Technology invention.

  • Raised 60M Dkk in Venture Capital 

Coloplast A/S (Dec 1996 – Jun 2003)

Coloplast develops products and services that make life easier for people with very personal and private medical conditions. A Danish medical device manufacturer -


Project Manager 

  • The primary responsibility of purchasing production equipment (1-20 Mill Dkk)

  • Projects involved contact with primary German, Danish, and Italian sub-contractors

  • Daily contact/coordination with catheter bags & accessories production

  • Projects involved entire FDA compliance class 100.000 clean room environments

Regal Maskinelektro A/S (Jan 1996 – Dec 1996)

Applications Engineer 

  • Sales and application support for custom solutions, primarily Danish customers.

  • Demand analysis for customers, quotation & implementation B2B 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+45 53891922

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